Renewable Heat for Lochbroom

Ullapool Community Trust has developed the Renewable Heating for Lochbroom Project to support householders in the area to benefit from a Government initiative which gives grants to help UK communities afford renewable heating.UCT is one of only 4 organisations in Scotland who have been successful in their application for the community in and around Ullapool. The Trust has received enough interest and various conditions have been met, meaning those involved can now receive a significant grant towards the cost of installing renewable heating systems.

With Scottish Government interest free loans also available, the project could make renewable heating more easily available and affordable for many householders in the area.

Technologies that are supported under the scheme include:

Solar thermal panels
Heat pumps (air to water, ground source or water source)
Biomass Boilers

Householders could:

1. Save 15-20% of the installation cost through the project voucher scheme, which could provide the following savings –

Solar water heating – £ 900
Air source heat pumps – £1,800
Ground source heat pumps – £2,000
Biomass boilers – £2,500

2. Make additional bulk buying savings through their installer;

3. Apply for an Energy Saving Trust loan of up to £10,000, interest free over 8 years;

4. Qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to provide a further subsidy from 2013.

Local businesses will not qualify for a grant but can also be supported with bulk buying savings, EST loans and the RHI.

Householders were asked to register their interest by November 6th and these households will be invited to receive the grants first. However we anticipate there will be a few households who will drop out of the scheme so if you didn’t register last time you can still register now.

Atleast 65% the total grant fund needs to be claimed by 28th March 2013, with the rest claimed by 28th June 2013. After this the money will go back to the government and you will no longer be able to claim it.

Please contact Laura at or call her on 07850 757554 to find out more.