AGM, 27 November, 6pm, Macphail Centre Ullapool

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Also a big thank you to Lochbroom Woodfuels for sponsoring the refreshments, to the West Coast Deli for providing the delicious quiche and cakes and to the staff at the Macphail Centre for their support and help in organising the event.

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Approval of the 2013 AGM minutes
• Chairman’s report
Treasurer’s report
Election of board members
• Motion: Amend Memorandum and Articles as follows
Removal of postcode IV23 2RP – no longer in use
Inclusion of postcodes IV26 2XW & IV26 2TY
Article 3 – ‘ ordinary’ added to read “ordinary membership shall….”
Article 3(a) and Article 3.1(a) “as defined at appendix 1” to be added
Articles 7.3 & 7.4 makes reference to article 75.2. should be changed to 7.2
Article 38 – “ordinary” added to read “every ordinary member shall have one vote….”
Article 39 – ‘ordinary added to read “A ordinary member who wishes…”
Article 40 – ‘ordinary’ added to read “A ordinary member shall not be……”                             Any other business, as agreed by the Chairperson

Minutes of AGM held November 2013 

Minutes of the AGM held in November 2013 can be found HERE

Information on voting

Every member shall have one vote, which (whether on a show of hands or on a secret ballot) may be given either personally or by proxy.

~ A member who wishes to appoint a proxy to vote on his/her behalf at any meeting

(a) shall lodge with the company, at the company’s registered office, a written instrument of proxy (in such form as the directors   require), signed by him/her; or
(b) shall send by electronic means to the company at such electronic address as may have been notified to the members by the company for that purpose, an instrument of proxy (in such form as the directors require);
providing (in either case) the instrument of proxy is received by the company at the relevant address not less than 48 hours before the time for holding the meeting (or, as the case may be, adjourned meeting).

~ A member shall not be entitled to appoint more than one proxy to attend the same meeting.
~ A proxy need not be a member of the company.
~ A proxy appointed to attend and vote at any meeting instead of a member shall have the same right as the member who appointed him/her to speak at the meeting.
~ If there are an equal number of votes for and against any resolution, the chairperson of the meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote.
~ A resolution put to the vote at a general meeting shall be decided on a show of hands unless a secret ballot is demanded by the chairperson and at least one third of the persons present at the meeting and entitled to vote, whether as members or as proxies for members); a secret ballot may be demanded either before the show of hands takes place, or immediately after the result of the show of hands is declared.
~ If a secret ballot is demanded, it shall be taken at the meeting and shall be conducted in such a manner as the chairperson may direct; the result of the ballot shall be declared at the meeting at which the ballot was demanded.

Annual accounts

a shortened version of the annual accounts can be found here.  The full version is available on request.

Current Memorandum and Articles

A copy of the current Memorandum and Articles can be found HERE

Membership lapsed?

Don’t worry download a membership form HERE or alternatively sign up at the AGM

Information on Directors


Director info - 27th November

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