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Community Right to Buy

Over the past several years legislation and national policy in Scotland has developed to encourage and support the ownership of assets by communities.

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 gave communities the right to buy land and buildings in certain circumstances and represented a fundamental change in the legal and policy context surrounding ownership and land management, giving the potential for greater powers to be transferred to communities.  (COSS 2015)

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Press Release 7 December 2015.

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5 December 2015


On the 19 August 2015, UCT were formally told that our Right to Buy Application for both pieces of land that represent Lochbroom Chalet Park have been approved and our interest has now been entered onto the Register.

On the 9 June 2015, Scottish Ministers accepted UCT’s Community Right to Buy Application for one piece of land that forms Lochbroom Chalet Park – currently subject to appeal.


Recreational Activity Working Group

The first meeting of the above group will take place on Wednesday, 3 June 2015 at UCT Office, Village Hall.  The group will consider recreational activities (walking paths, cycle paths, mountain bike trails, nature attractions) that could take place on the hillside and woodlands surrounding the area.


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Lochbroom Chalet Part


August 2014 – UCT Board confirmed that an initial discussion would take place with the Scottish Government “Community Assets Branch” about registering an interest in buying Lochbroom  Chalet Park.

September 2014 – December 2014 – work took place to gather the required information to process formal Community Right to Buy Applications.

January 2015 – two Community Right to Buy Applications were made in respect of two pieces of land at Lochbroom Chalet Park.


The first meeting of the Recreational Activities Working Group is being planned.  This group will consider activities that can take place around the site including, walking and cycle paths, mountain bike trains and nature attractions.



Tel:  01854 613879

Sub-Group Members:

Lucy Beattie, Tina Hartley, Sandy MacKenzie, John Menzies, Brian Wilson