Ullaspool Solar Preheat

this project is now complete

In December 2009 Ullapool Community Trust was successful in securing funding totalling £117 167 to have solar panel fitted to the roof of the community owned pool, Ullaspool. Funding came from Community Energy Scotland CARES fund (£93 733), Highland LEADER (£20 857) alongside a £1000 donation from Ullaspool and £1576 of voluntary input.

Installation work was due to start in May 2010. However at this point serious structural faults were found with the roof of the pool building which led to the pool shutting while funding was sourced to carry out repair works. After an amazing fundraising campaign the £442 000 that was required for remedial work was achieved by January 2011 with contribution from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Highland LEADER, the Royal Bank of Scotland alongside a massive £64 000 that was raised by community fundraising.

Once the new roof had been installed the chosen contractor for the solar panels, local firm Invisible Heating Solutions, were able to get on site alongside sub contractors Ullapool Construction Limited and Craig Miller Plumbing and install the 82m² of evacuated tube solar panels.

The panels heat water with the sun’s rays which is then used for showers and taps and to augment pool water heated by the existing oil boilers. Installation was completed in October 2011 and despite some teething problems the panels had still provided 20 232 kWh of heat by early October 2012. Ullaspool and UCT are delighted with the results and the amount of free and renewable energy that the panels are providing to the swimming pool which is community owned and run.