Serena Mason

With an academic background in planning, I was formerly a social researcher in the Housing Development Directorate in London.  I cheerfully relinquished a Civil Service career to set up a walking holiday business in Scotland.  I then became a crofter and have dealt with grants and subsidies over the past 30 years for developing the croft business, with a self catering unit and selling beef.  In a partnership I bought  a 110 hectare forest and managed harvesting and restocking.  We set up a sawmill to generate local employment and make use of local resources which ran for 20 years.  Now in another partnership which has built a small ( 47 kW) hydro scheme,  Allt a Charr,  in the forest.

Organised funding for Mobile Movies, (pre Screen Machine), to show films in various venues.  Involved in local organisations, Dundonnell Area Community Events         ( DACE) and Badluarach and Durnamuck Community Woodland.  Enthusiasm for wool and crottle led to current role as chair of Highland Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and my fleeces are being spun by Uist Wool, a new social enterprise mill on Grimsay.