Home Energy Audit

this project is now complete


Like the Community Buildings Energy Efficiency Upgrade this project was also a follow on from the Thermal Imaging Survey which provided a catalyst to improve the energy efficiency of community buildings and homes in the Ullapool area. UCT acquired 50 energy monitors, enabling the Powerdown Officer to undertake a programme of energy audits with over 100 homes being surveyed. The energy monitors were loaned to people, allowing them to better understand their energy use while the audit also included checking hot water temperatures, thermostats and heating settings.

The Powerdown Officer then, with assistance from Energy Advisors the Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre, offered residents advice on, amongst other things, tariffs, energy assistance and insulation grants. An Expected Impact Report and Spreadsheet published by the Energy Savings Trust estimated that the project would result in annual savings of 93.84 tonnes of CO2 and lifetime savings of 1138 tones of CO2. The Home Energy Audit project has also further increased peoples understanding of their household’s energy consumption and boosted local awareness of measures and government grants available to increase energy efficiency.

While the project is now completed UCT still has energy monitors that local residents are welcome to borrow and check the energy use of their home. Please contact the Local Development Officer to arrange the loan of a monitor.