Ullapool Community Trust is a development trust covering the area from Elphin to Gruinard in the North West Highlands of Scotland. Our aims are to develop and deliver projects that offer economic, social and environmental benefits to local people and the community.UCT wordle

Our Mission:

We are committed to enhancing community well-being by supporting cultural, economic and environmental sustainability by:
1. creating and developing local enterprise and projects;
2. caring for our environment;
3. promoting the use of local resources; and
4. working with and for the community involving local people, groups and businesses.


Business Plan

In 2015 UCT produced an updated business plan which outlines our priorities.   Please click on the image below to view the Business Plan.

Business plan -front page



 UCT leaflet - general (final)

 The History

UCT is a community-led organisation that, through discussions with local people and groups, identifies pressing economic, social and environmental concerns and develops projects to address the issues and benefit the community.  More details on our history and objectives is available here, while information on completed and ongoing projects is also available. The Trust’s Memorandum and Articles are also available to download which list our aims and objectives

This site also includes information on UCT’s directors and staff as well as up to date news about the Trust. Finally there is a publications section which includes meeting reports and minutes, consultations findings and newsletters.

The Trust is owned and driven by its members and it is therefore vital that we have a stable and engaged membership to help us be effective in addressing local issues. Please go to the join us section for more details on how to join UCT and the benefits of being member.

UCT was established in April 2009 to become part of the Community Powerdown initiative which was being developed by the Development Trust Association Scotland, Community Energy Scotland and 25 different communities throughout Scotland. The initiative focused on reducing carbon emissions and financed part-time Powerdown Officers in each participating community to assist local people to take forward projects.  UCT appointed Alison Sinclair who worked closely with lots of different local groups and residents to develop and deliver a range of projects which lowered carbon emissions including – Ullapool Solar PreheatThermal Imaging SurveyCommunity Buildings Energy Efficiency Upgrade and Home Energy Audit Project.

In early 2011 our involvement in Powerdown came to an end; however we then became part of an initiative developed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Growth at the Edge (GATE), which aims to improve the social, economic and environmental sustainability of rural communities. This means we now look at sustainability in a more holistic way than during Powerdown and develop projects which tackle a range of local issues and utilise opportunities. GATE also encourages communities to develop income generating projects as creating revenue streams will build community capacity and make them more resilient to changes such as withdrawal of funding.

A key condition of our involvement in GATE was to produce a Community Growth Plan which identifies local issues, projects that offer solutions, and an overarching vision that the community will aspire to achieve.

A community consultation was carried out and a plan developed which was adopted at the UCT AGM in September 2012.

A copy of the plan is available to view here.

The plan gives UCT a clear direction and focus on specific projects, which we continue to take forward with the community. Implementing the plan requires UCT, its focus groups, the community, local groups and organisation such as HIE and the Highland Council to work closely together to develop and deliver projects.

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