Edible Ullapool

this project is now complete


After the recent Community Survey identified local food production as an important issue to residents, UCT made an application to the Big Lottery’s Awards for All fund for a grant for a project focused on local food, Edible Ullapool. The Trust were successful in securing nearly £10 000 which enabled Alison Sinclair to be contracted to take forward the project which has several strands.

The first was to provide training to local people and led to a soil fertility seminar on the 9th of February 2012 which was attended by 32 people, and workshops in raised beds and wormeries on the 10th of March 2012 which was attended by 20 people. Both of the events were led by Ron Gilchrist of Greenways Consulting, an inspirational expert in the field of domestic and commercial composting systems. All attendees were provided with a copy of the Greenways Consulting Training Manual.

Edible Ullapool also sought to develop a directory of local small scale food producers who are keen to sell some excess produce. Alison identified a good number of interested producers and held a several group meetings to discuss potential issues and opportunities. A key concern of several producers was food regulations and as a result UCT organised food legislation training as part of the Edible Ullapool project. Discussion also concerned how the produce would be sold. Edible Ullapool had hoped to establish a Saturday market however this is unsuitable for several of the producers. As a result Alison and the group have been in discussions with local shops to determine if where local produce could be stocked.

The project also offered a Leg up to LUGG (Lochbroom and Ullapool Growers Group) who were developing an allotment site in the village. Funding from Edible Ullapool enabled LUGG to carry out a ecological survey and soil analysis report on the site while it also supported them to install a water capture system and wormeries.

The funding from Award for All has now has now ended however UCT are examining opportunities to continue the project. Anyone interested in the project please get in touch with Alison via edibleullapool@gmail.com or Ewan the Local Development Officer.