Lochbroom Woodfuels

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Lochbroom Woodfuels Ltd is a trading arm of Ullapool Community Trust and a community-owned social enterprise based in Ullapool, in the Highlands of Scotland.  For more information please see their website


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History of Lochbroom Woodfuels

Community Survey Report identified strong support for a community supply of logs to be established.  The Trust were able to secure funding from the Big Lottery’s Investing in Ideas fund to determine the viability of setting up a local, community owned woodfuel business. This award allowed UCT to contract the Community Woodland Association to do a woodland resource assessment of the Ullapool area which found that enough local timber is available to support a woodfuel business supplying residents. The funding also allowed an options appraisal for the woodfuel business and a business plan to be completed.

Following a successful funding application to Village SOS, UCT were able to establish Lochbroom Woodfuels as a trading arm.