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3D Fund, Discuss, Decide, Do!

On Saturday 24 March, Ullapool Village Hall was the venue for Lochbroom’s first Community Choices Decision Day. Initially developed in Brazil, participatory budgeting (PB) is recognised internationally as a way for local people to have a direct say in how, and where, public funds can be used to address local requirements.   A participatory democracy is a healthy democracy, in which people have influence over what happens to them, their families and their communities. The hall was full, the vibe was as vibrant as a vibe can be, the people were buzzing, and the day was awesome.

The Lochbroom 3-D Fund Decision Day was a fantastic opportunity for every one of these voluntary projects to raise its profile. Everyone there learned more about what is going on in our community and, given the buzz of conversation during the interval, lots of connections were made and hopefully new ways found of working together and supporting each other’s endeavours.

15 successful community projects took a share of the £25000 pot and UCT is looking forward to hearing how those projects have progressed!