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What is the Community Benefit Fund?

The CBF is a community benefit fund and has been established as a means of enabling UCT to financially support community projects within its remit area. The fund came into existence through a partnership between Lochbroom Community Renewables (Broom Power) and UCT.

Lochbroom Community Renewables Limited (LCR) is a Community Benefit Society which was set up by UCT to run renewable energy projects. Over the summer of 2016 it raised £900,000 in community shares to establish a hydro scheme in Lael Forest.

The CBF was set up to re-distribute the surplus income from scheme back into the community. UCT is hopeful that other current and future projects will also divert funds into the CBF. UCT are currently investigating the potential of shared ownership and possible profit share of two privately owned renewable energy schemes; loch a bhraoin hydro scheme and Kirkan Wind Farm.

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How much money is in the CBF?

Available monies will change per annum dependent upon flow of income to the fund. The exact amount available will be advertised at the time of invitation for applications. This is a transparent process and account details will be reported at UCT’s AGM annually and open to public inspection.

How to Apply?

Application guidance and forms will be made available on the UCT website once the CBF monies has been confirmed and the panel have agreed the dates (usually in the spring). Hard copies are also available on request, or from the community hub.
Funding is usually confirmed around March time with the panel sitting in June. UCT currently only hold one round of funding per year, however, the frequency may increase as the fund grows.

Who are the CBF Panel?

Decisions about which projects receive funding are made by an independent panel of volunteers from the community with input from UCT, the Community Council and LCR. The first round of funding was distributed last year and contributed to a range of local initiatives. The work of the CBF panel is reliant on volunteers and UCT would like to thank those individuals for their commitment and time in refining and delivering the fund. We hope it will be even more successful this year. For further information on the projects funded by the CBF, visit our blog (insert link here), or come in and chat to our friendly staff.

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