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Ullapool Skatepark Association

Ullapool Skatepark Association

Ullapool Skatepark Association was set up to provide facilities for skateboarding, BMXing, scootering, rollerblading and roller-skating in Ullapool. We were delighted to get our first slice of funding from the Lochbroom 3D and went on to secure further funding from the Harbour Trust and the National Lottery. By autumn we were ready to order our portable ramps from Freshpark, based in California and after some delays getting through customs, the ramps arrived in December and were set up just in time to open at the end of the Christmas holidays. 

Over the first few weeks the winter weather meant there were few opportunities to use the park, but with the arrival of spring it’s been great to see the park being used more and more by kids both from the village and visiting from elsewhere. Given how little the tennis courts have been used in recent years, it is great to see the space finally being used regularly and kids working on their skills.

David Crook, Ullapool Skatepark Association